Writing a business plan

Start-Up Consultancy Services

Starting up, scaling up, or pivoting your business

We are a startup consultancy that is focused on investment.

Ensuring your success through commercial expertise

We use our diverse experience, network and our knowledge of a broad range of tools and technology to pick the right approach for your business planning and investment proposals.

Establishing a lean launchpad

We streamline the path to success – to ensure you have validated an effective business model, that will attract and engage customers, to ensure traction and growth.

Refining your growth strategy

We review the key elements of your product/service, and business model, to unlock maximum commercial growth. Tailored additional services help you to design or refresh any component critical to your success.

Investor process management

We help you to draw up the most effective investment deck, integrating our other services where required, so that you successfully raise funds to start and grow your business. We are specialists in utilising Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS).

Critical analysis and recommendations

Every stage of a business has its challenges, and we can help you problem solve in any areas that create friction in your growth. Including the validation of ideas, from problems to solution and market fit.