Writing a business plan

Writing a Business Plan

Securing the future of your business with a sound base and well-rounded intentions

A strong business plan is a must for all businesses. It’s about more than simply mapping out your journey, it’s about producing a formalised and structured document to support any application for external funding.

How can we help you write a business plan?

Whatever your reason for producing a business plan, the first thing we will do is to make you think about your business and how you’re going to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

A comprehensive business plan is fundamental to securing your company’s future and we will take you through the stages to produce a winning document; tailored to suit the type of funding you are looking to secure.

Talking to your audience

The funding industry is fast-paced and subject to change and our experienced team is able to respond accordingly. In the main, investors will need to see that:

  • You are in control of your business
  • Its future is sustainable
  • It has profit-making capability
  • You are supported by a strong management team
  • The business has scalability
  • A strong exit plan is in place
Writing a business plan
Writing a business plan

It’s never too late for business plan mentoring

Whether your business plan is non-existent, underway or complete, we will help you to assess your business and move your planning to the next stage. Our services respond to the life-stage of your business, maximising your chances of securing the funding you need.

When to consider business plan mentoring?

Many businesses underestimate the true value of being able to present themselves for the future. You will need to show that you are prepared for the obstacles as well as the opportunities.

Any of these challenges sound familiar? Perhaps it’s time to write a plan for your business.

  • My premises are too small to accommodate a growing team
  • I don’t have enough storage to be able to buy materials in bulk
  • I have a great idea but don’t have the funds to develop it
  • Our market is becoming more competitive
  • Rising diesel costs make it hard to grow our fleet
  • I need to employ two new sales people to meet demand
Writing a business plan

Writing a business plan

As part of our business planning expertise, we offer a number of services:

Creating a business plan

We will work very closely with your management team to write your business plan for you, including a full financial model.

Polishing a business plan

Ideal if you have written a business plan but need help to tailor and adjust it to meet the particular requirements of funders.

Presenting to investors

We understand investors and will write you a presentation that is based around what they want to hear, and not just what you want to say.

Recruiting non-executive directors

To increase the viability of your business, we can recruit non-executive directors who not only bring vast experience, but may also invest in your company.

“Pegasus helped to prepare the business plan and the financial model. They guided us through the process leading to the successful investment. We would not have been able to get the funding needed without the efforts of the Pegasus team!”

Darren Pimm, MD – Aerialcell Ltd.