Business plan mentoring

Hourly business plan telephone mentoring services are available from Pegasus Funding Resources.

Writing a winning funding business plan is perhaps one of the most important tasks you will need to undertake in order to secure your company's future. It is a difficult task and one of which the writer normally has little, if any, previous experience.

The most common mistake that is made is to present your potential investor or lender with what you want to say rather than what they want to read about. To give them the right information it is vitally important to understand how a business plan is read and why it is seldom read from start to finish.

Telephone mentoring will help you understand the importance of the correct structure of the plan. We will tell you what needs to be included in the short but all important executive summary, why the financial model should be flexible and driver based and what you should include or exclude from each section of the text and the financial model.

We can assist regardless of the stage you have reached in writing your plan. You may want advice before you start, or perhaps you are half way through and have hit a stumbling block. You may even have written your plan but it has not produced the results that you expected.

Business plan telephone mentoring services are purchased by the hour with a minimum of two hours. The time purchased need not be taken in one session but can be spread over a number of pre-booked periods, to enable progress to be made and then further advice to be sought.

To find out more please contact:

Richard Olsen on 0203 327 0567 or email: [email protected]

Download our Whitepaper on 'How to write a winning funding business plan'

Business plan rectification workshop

A 'business plan rectification workshop' is ideal for those companies that have already written their business plan but which need help in the final stages to tailor and adjust it to meet the particular requirements of the funders. The structure and content of a business plan, together with the executive summary, are crucial in winning the attention of either lenders or investors.

A business plan rectification workshop is either a one-day or two-day session, at the end of which your management team will be able to complete the plan themselves. The re-worked plan can then be re-submitted to Pegasus for final comments and approval.

Download our Whitepaper on 'How to write a winning funding business plan'

Business plan creation

A full business plan creation service is offered for those companies which prefer to spend their time running their business and gaining revenue rather than attempting to write the plan themselves.

Pegasus will write your plan for you but you and your management team will be closely involved at every stage. The process begins with a two to three day onsite workshop with you and your management team. During this period we follow our tried and tested method of extracting all the relevant information that is required for writing a targeted plan. The plan and a full financial model is then written, off site, over the next few weeks with numerous telephone conversations and emails between all parties.

Download our Whitepaper on 'How to write a winning funding business plan'

Preparing to present to investors

You have completed your business concept review, prepared your plan and financials, contacted any number of banks and investors and you have reached the final stage, a formal presentation to either a banker or a panel of investors. This is perhaps the hardest stage of all and a large number of organisations will fall at this last hurdle.

There are three areas that you have to consider. Who is going to present and have they been trained in how to present? What should be presented? And most important of all, what types of questions are they going to be asked?

Pegasus can help you in all three stages:

Presentation creation
Most funding presentations fail because the presenter presents what he or she wants to say and not what the audience wants to hear. The Pegasus presentation formula overcomes this problem. Let us create your presentation for you.
Presentation coaching
Not presented before? Then let us coach you in how to present to investors.
Q & A coaching
What questions are likely to be asked? What weaknesses will they home in on? How should I answer that question? What should I definitely not say?

Pegasus has attended many investor presentations over the years and has built up a template of the most frequently asked questions that you can expect, together with those that have defeated some managing directors, and even those unexpected ones that could catch you out.

Non-executive director recruitment

When investors or bank managers look at the viability of a company they take many factors into consideration, a few of which are:

  • Is the business concept scalable?
  • Are the assumptions in the business plan realistic?
  • What barriers to entry are there?
  • Does the company own the intellectual property?
  • Is there a compelling need?
  • Are the targets achievable?
  • How strong is the competition?
  • What are the unique selling points?

Equally important, however, are:

  • How experienced is the management team?
  • Does the team have enough faith in their idea to back it with their own capital?

Pegasus Funding Resources can assist you to overcome these challenges by recruiting non-executive directors who not only bring their experience with them but in many instances will also invest in your company. In this way two barriers to investment are overcome.

Of course, before securing the backing of investors you need to prepare your company for funding

To find out more please contact:

Richard Olsen on 0203 327 0567 or email: [email protected]

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