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At Pegasus Funding, we provide efficient and reliable invoice finance solutions to help your business thrive.

A great quick win where an injection of cash is much-needed, but not always the most cost-effective solution.  For a fee, a factor typically pays 80-90% of an invoice to you upfront.

Pegasus Funding are independent and offer unbiased expert advice. As the leading invoice finance company in Peterborough, explore our range of solutions and their benefits.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring involves selling your invoices to a finance provider, like any reputable invoice finance company in Peterborough, who then takes control of your sales ledger and collects payments directly from your customers. This solution releases funds tied up in unpaid invoices, offering immediate cash flow benefits.


  • Immediate cash flow improvement
  • The finance provider handles collections
  • Focus on running your business without worrying about unpaid invoices.

Invoice Discounting

With invoice discounting, you retain control of your sales ledger and responsibility for collecting payments, maintaining confidentiality as your customers are unaware of third parties.


  • Retain control over your sales ledger
  • Maintain customer relationships and confidentiality
  • Access to funds without disrupting business operations.
Factoring vs Discounting

Additional Invoice Finance Options For Peterborough Businesses

  • Funding is secured against invoices, no other assets are required
  • Up to 90% of your invoice value could be released within 24 hours
  • A quick fix for short-term cashflow problems
  • The funding available increases with your turnover
  • Factors can also be an excellent strategic resource
  • Factoring and discounting services are often competitively priced
On average, 17% less expensive than an overdraft
Quick release finance

Points to consider

Invoice finance is the single saviour of many small businesses, but there are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are your customers reputable?
  • How important is your reputation for financial stability?
  • Is the finance an affordable solution?
  • Can you see a long-term alternative?

A viable solution for all business stages

Factoring and discounting are effective ways to resolve the issues posed by your customers’ delayed payments. Talk to our finance experts to get a workable solution for businesses of all stages if you are looking for an invoice finance company in Peterborough. For startup companies, you can get flexible financing to launch your business. Expanding companies can bring in cash again quickly for their companies. And reviving companies can close the loop on payments and invoices.

Business start-ups

Flexible finance to get your company off the ground.

Growing businesses

Quickly injecting cash back into your business.

Turnaround businesses

Bridging the gap between invoicing and payment.

The ideal invoice finance company in Peterborough for you

Having over 44 companies on our roster that factor and/or discount invoices, along with our expertise and experience in providing invoice finance solutions for companies in Peterborough, means we can negotiate the best price for you. We will make all the appropriate inquiries on your behalf and, after evaluating their quotes, choose the top three businesses to present to you. For your benefit, we work to reduce the terms and see that transaction through to the end.