Turnaround finance

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may be in need of specialist turnaround finance:

  • Is your cash flow position serious?
  • Is your balance sheet weak?
  • Have you been turned down by traditional sources of finance?
  • Is your once profitable company now facing closure?
  • Are you close to insolvency?
  • Are you contemplating a 'Pre Pack'?

The most important question that must be answered is: 'Where do I go for help?'

Traditional sources of finance may no longer be open to you. Your bank will not extend facilities and you are either fully geared or may not wish to borrow against your balance sheet. In these cases, an injection of specialist equity capital can be the answer.

Pegasus Funding Resources can help

There really are very few companies which genuinely deliver new equity funding for troubled businesses within the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sector.

There is plenty of activity in the turnaround finance market but company directors and entrepreneurs need to be aware that almost all the players in this market are insolvency practitioners, secondary lenders or management consultants. All have their place, providing necessary services when your business requires them. However, none of them provide what is, in many cases, critical to the future of the business – new capital.

Our sources back businesses in turnaround with new capital. They add value with their business acumen and track record. Most importantly, they act quickly. When they take on a new project they are looking to put investors together with our client; sometimes within a matter of days, almost always within a period of one to four weeks from the initial introduction.

If you are in need of recovery or turnaround finance contact

Richard Olsen on 0203 327 0567  or email: [email protected]

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