Management buy-outs (MBOs)

Passing your business onto your management team

A management buy-out is a valuable way to pass your business into the hands of an experienced management team to guide it toward future success. We support you during the MBO process to ensure you and your team are ready.

How does a MBO work?

A management buy-out (MBO) places control of a company from the owner to an existing management team. It’s a common form of exit, enabling you to step away from the company while putting it in the hands of managers who should already have an inherent knowledge.

The benefit of handing over to your management team are tenfold. They understand your business and industry already, know your customers and staff, which should allow for a smooth transition once you exit.

However, it is reliant on you having a team with the right skills and desire to own the business, as well as the conditions and funding that allow it to happen.

What to ask yourself before an MBO

  • Is the management team up to the task?
  • What structures are there?
  • How to get the most value and support for your management team?
  • Are you looking to exit fully?

Our MBO services

Business strategy and restructuring

Before handing your company over to a management team, you must ensure the appropriate structures are in place. You also need to plan what is required to enable your managers to take over, equipped with the proper skills and experience, and effectively run the company after you have stepped away. We will work with you to create a strategy that supports your managers and keeps your business’s interests at heart.

Exit planning

Our exit planning services seek to allow you to leave your company having achieved everything you wanted. We also focus on the company position after your exit, so your staff, stakeholders and customers are protected, and an environment remains in which the business continues to prosper.


A transformation of any form requires significant change for a business. We will support your company through the transition. We start by creating the perfect conditions to allow change to happen effectively, with full engagement from your staff and stakeholders. We then guide the business through the process, making the necessary adjustment to maximise performance in the new chapter.

Financial consulting

Achieving an MBO requires funding, especially if you are looking to exit with a fair price for your efforts. Examples of financial options include:

  • Commercial funding
  • Equity
  • Mezzanine solutions
  • Seller financing

We help you to raise the finance to complete the transaction with numerous funding sources in our network, spanning the areas of debt and equity.