Turnaround Finance

Sometimes you just have to stand up, dust yourself off and implement a problem-solving strategy

If your business is viable and its problems are temporary, turnaround finance could be your saviour. It carries some risks, but if you need an extra capital injection to get you back on track, it can be a sound funding solution.

When is turnaround finance a good option?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, specialist turnaround finance could be an option to consider:

  • Have you had a disruption to your cash flow?
  • Have you lost a large client?
  • Is there a temporary drop in your revenue?
  • Is your balance sheet looking weak?
  • Are you experiencing restrictions on credit?
  • Have you been turned down by traditional sources of finance?
  • Is your once profitable company now facing closure?
  • Are you close to insolvency?
Turnaround finance

Where do I go for help?

There are very few companies who genuinely deliver new equity funding for troubled SMEs, but Pegasus has access to a number of sources.

We are able to arrange new capital for businesses in turnaround – funding that is often critical to the future of the company. Our sources are able to act quickly and provide added-value with their business acumen and extensive track record.

When they take on a new project, they work to put you in front of investors as soon as possible – sometimes within a matter of days, but almost certainly within one to four weeks from the initial introduction.

Advantages of working with Pegasus

Strong network of sources

Can arrange new capital

Quick turnaround time

Winning business plan support

Help to prepare for investors

Can sense check your requirements